Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January at SAGE

January at SAGE....

Since December, the SAGE garden has been peacefully resting. However, one SAGE volunteer has been out there working hard! We've been fortunate to have a dedicated volunteer out at SAGE over the last couple months spreading leaves on the garden beds, weeding that ever-present grass, and even tilling the soil - well, before the heavy rains began! This week, I noticed some ducks enjoying the SAGE pond. Yes, the SAGE pond. These heavy rains have added to the already-saturated soil of the lower part of the garden. This is a typical low spot and tends to be the last to be tilled and planted in during the growing season.

Speaking of the growing season...we are hiring a part-time garden manager! If you have been out to SAGE, love what we do, and have some large-scale gardening/small-scale farming experience and want to join our team, visit our website to learn more about what the job entails.

Things will start "buzzing" (and I hope our garden bees, too!) in March at SAGE. Our first open work party will be Tuesday, March 20th, beginning at 4pm. Join us! We'll most likely be building garden beds, weeding the fall garlic, turning the compost pile and making compost tea from the red wiggler worm castings. Parks and Recreation doesn't turn the water back on at the garden until April/May, so if you're joining us to work, please BRING YOUR WATER BOTTLE to stay hydrated.

Hope to see you at the garden in March! Email me if you have any questions about SAGE happenings -

Happy garden planning,

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