Thursday, March 29, 2012

The First Planting....

Freshly transplanted leek start blowing in the wind
The first crop to go into the ground this season are leeks.  An odd first choice for early crops as usually thoughts of peas and brassicas jump into the mind long before any alliums, but that's what we had, so that's what went in the ground.  Chris (the Americorps Garden Assistant) was able to secure a good amount of starts and they all went in the ground hopefully enjoying the sun, rain and wind that took turns playing weather yesterday.    

I'll admit they're in a little more compost rich soil than I would prefer.  We're doing all the soil prep by hand at this time as the soil is much too wet to till.  At the Tuesday night workparty, we had a great group of folks weeding this new row and then I amended it with wonderful Allied Waste compost (Thank you Allied Waste!).  The pile was a bit soggy though so trying to spread out the compost and work it into the soil proved a bit more difficult than I was hoping.  Thus I hope our leek starts aren't too shocked or burned by the amount of compost they are in! 

Overwintered kale sharing the row with our recently planed leek starts
One row of crops in, only 95 more rows to go!!!  That being said, we'd love to have (and honestly, could really use) your help every Tuesday for our SAGE work party starting at 4pm! 

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