Thursday, June 14, 2012

SAGE Soils!

Those of us in the farming and gardening world can be big dorks.  We like to geek out over seed catalogs, get really excited about tools like broadforks (a recent obsession of mine, I'll admit), and sometimes we compulsively check the weather forecast.  One of the biggest subjects of geeky contemplation is soil.  What type of soil do you have?  How does it retain water?  What do it's nutrients look like?  Flora/fauna?  pH? Those are just some of the big, broad questions about soil.....true soil dorks can get giddy over seemingly minute, mundane details that makes others worry we've been in the sun too long....

This spring (and fall 2011) SAGE was visited by some potential soil geeks in the making.  They were hard working soils students from OSU's Soil Science class (CSS 205).  Part of their project was creating a blog not only with soil info, but also information they learned out at SAGE.....I've been meaning to post it up here for months, so here it finally is! Check out their amazing blog by clicking HERE.   Thanks for your hard work soil students!  ~ Deanna and the Garden Crew
Soil students helping turn the compost pile

Soil students helping spread mulch over beds to add organic matter to the soil

Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to Corvallis NCCC Service Members!
These nine dedicated volunteers, from nine different states, are spending a year of service with the National Civilian Community Corps.  For seven weeks they are serving in Corvallis, improving food access in Benton County.  From May 21-July 11, 2012 they will be serving at SAGE, Dunawi Creek & Avery Park Community Gardens, South Corvallis Food Bank, Stone Soup, Lincoln School Garden, and Benton County Fairgrounds.  In just the couple of weeks they've been here, already they've been a wonderful help to the various programs.  If you haven't met them yet, come on out to a Tuesday evening work party and join us in welcoming them to our community!

To watch a great news piece done by the local KEZI television station on the team, follow this link: