Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camp Time!

Camp participant harvesting green beans.
They harvested 6.5 lbs of beans for the South Corvallis Food Bank in just 10 minutes of picking!
Last week was the "Buzz about Bees" summer camp out at SAGE.  I have to admit I was a bit jealous to see all the kiddos exploring the bee hives, baking tasty honey bread, making beeswax candles and learning about looked like a lot more fun than the weeding and work the interns and I were doing!  In addition to focusing most of the week on bees, they also helped harvest some of the goodies that our buzzing friends collaborated with us to grow!
Teacher Amoreena and friend getting ready to do
some garden work!

We have one more camp out at SAGE this summer from Aug 13th - 17th.  "Roots, Shoots & Flowers!" focuses on taste testing and exploring the different part of plants at SAGE during the height of the growing season.  I know I'm definitely going to be jealous watching the kiddos of that camp!  If you're interested in signing your child or young friend up, there are still spots available.  You can register by phone by calling the Corvallis Environmental Center at (541) 753-9211 or you can sign up online by visiting our website.

Thanks campers for all your help in the garden!
                                                                                                                       Deanna (Garden Manager)

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