Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Day Full of Caring!

Morning Day of Caring teams with harvested SAGE produce for Stone Soup!
Friday, September 20th was the United Way Day of Caring.  Across Corvallis teams full of caring individuals dispersed to volunteer at different agencies needing a helping hand.  SAGE was fortunate to receive both morning and afternoon teams who helped us accomplish a huge load of work! 

Weighing produce

Many hands make mulching much lighter work and volunteers learned how to get rid of a whole patch of nasty weeds to make a new garden bed.  Cardboard was laid and many, many loads of leaves thrown on top will decompose over the winter to create a beautiful new garden space for next year.  This will help us increase the amount of produce we can grow for local hunger relief agencies.  While some folks were mulching, others helped weed the bed of overwintering crops....all tasks that were much needed!   

Tomato Taste Testing!

One of my favorite things about having people out at SAGE is the opportunity for tastings!  Taking a break from all the hard work, we fine tuned our palettes as we explored the different tastes and textures of the five varieties of cherry tomatoes growing.  We even had some brave souls who claimed to not like tomatoes but who tried them all!   

Of course, this time of year is great for not only tastings, but also for harvesting.  168 pounds of fresh produce was harvested for the Stone Soup meal site and the South Corvallis Food Bank. I always enjoy wrapping up with a big harvest as it gives volunteers a more concrete sense of how other abstract garden tasks add up!
Thanks CH2MHill team!

Thanks Samaritan Health teams!
(sorry afternoon team, we didn't
get a picture because it was raining!)

Thanks to the employees of Samaritan Health and CH2MHill who took the time to volunteer at SAGE!  The success of SAGE hinges on community support and volunteers and we so appreciate everything you contributed! 

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