Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanks and Thanksgiving at SAGE

Thanksgiving -- a time to give thanks.  As we reflect on the year, SAGE has much to be thankful for during this season.  In no particular order, here are some things we give thanks for at SAGE.

volunteer extraordinaire!
1) Our Amazing Volunteers (and Interns)!!!:  We couldn't grow 3 - 4 tons of food without the help of  the 500 - 600 community members who contribute their time and hard work each year.

2) Our Community Sponsors and Donors: Thanks Samaritan Health Services for supporting financially supporting the education programs out at SAGE.  Thank you to all the individuals who have contributed to the work we do at SAGE, every bit makes a difference and is appreciated!

Sam Health and CH2MHill
employees during Day of Caring
3) Our In-Kind Donors: Nectar Bee Supply provides bee hives, care and expertise, Republic Services provides yards and yards of compost to the garden, Dunn & Co. Tree Service graciously donates wood chips all year long, Gathering Together Farm, Persephone Farm and Peoria Gardens all donate plant starts, Shonnard's Nursery provides seeds,  and the Benton County Habitat for Humanity ReStore provides deep discounts on reused building material.

Stone Soup Sue
4) Our Donation Sites: There are volunteers at hunger relief agencies across our community who help distribute SAGE produce.  We're so glad to have such willing and caring partners as we work to help those in need in our community.  A special thanks to Sue at Stone Soup for transforming our produce into meals every week and to the South Corvallis Food Bank for working to educate their clients when we bring in more unique items like purple mustard greens and bok choy.

5) Our Host: The Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department partners with the Corvallis Environmental Center to let us use the growing space at SAGE.  Thanks city staff for being open to a more alternative way to use park space.

6) Our Community:  This really is a community project.  Thank you to our community.

Note: There are many more things to be thankful for than I could list.  That fact alone makes me thankful and so appreciative of every size, shape and form of community contribution SAGE receives.

With much gratitude, we give thanks!

SAGE Staff

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Turn Trash to Treasure: An Easy Way to Help SAGE and the Corvallis Environmental Center!

Clear clutter and unwanted items from your home and you can help raise funds for the Corvallis Environmental Center--all year long!  Just take your unwanted items to an ARC Thrift Store where they sell them and donate the proceeds to the CEC.  It easy!  Here's how:

1. Collect Items in Good Condition

Not all donate-able items are eligible, so check out the list of items that will raise money for the CEC:

2. Put a sticker on each eligible item
Stickers are located in a big envelope on the window outside of the CEC office at 214 SW Monroe Ave., Corvallis

3. Drop-off Items at The ARC!
Items can be dropped off anytime during store hours at either location.

The ARC Thrift Stores:
928 NW Beca Street, Corvallis (541) 754-9011
936 Main Street, Philomath (541) 929-3946

Monday-Saturday: 10am-5:30pm
Sunday: 12pm-5:30pm

Thanks so much for helping support SAGE and the other programs of the Corvallis Environmental Center!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Transition Time

"Leaves are falling all around, it was time I was on my way.  To you I'm much obliged, for such a pleasant stay. " - Led Zeppelin's Ramble On

SAGE sure is in a state of seasonal transition.  Summer bounty enjoyed a pleasant stay and now it's moved on its way.  As the leaves have been falling (and delivered in huge piles!), the garden has taken the last month to transition from a space flagrantly bursting with fresh foods to one still full of produce, but more subtle in its glory.  Replacing the showing colors of eggplants, tomatoes and peppers, now there are the bright colors of radishes and beets who's hue only peeks through the soil surface.  Squash and cucumber vines no longer sprawl, now we have bok choy and mustard greens blanketing the soil.   The greens that were a bit lackluster all summer long have now come into their full glory.  Kids are eating the kale raw again, chard is glowing and the broccoli is actually producing delicious side shoots rather than bolting straight away.  This time of year, the greens reign supreme.

Ducks help HP employees mulch!
Phi Sigma Rho sisters help clean onions

To help with this transition into the winter months, we've had 18 work parties in a one month period of time!  The outpouring of community support has been immense and I'm so grateful for all the hard work that has been completed.  The garden is in a better state than I could have imagined.  Thank you to all the groups who have contributed to the clean-up and wheeled hundreds of loads of leaf mulch!  The garden looks amazing and will be protected and nourished throughout the winter so we can continue growing quality produce for those in need throughout our community!

Thanks to the different community volunteer groups: Corvallis Rotary Club, HP Employees, OSU Soils Students, OSU GEO 300 Students, OSU Food for the World Students, Phi Sigma Rho Sorority, Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, Chemeketa Community College Biology Students, Crescent Valley HS National Honors Society, Crescent Valley HS SEA Club, Leadership Corvallis, and our Tuesday evening regulars!
Colors from the fall/winter garden!

Delicious greens!