Thursday, December 12, 2013

Help the CEC simply by shopping Amazon!

SAGE under a blanket of snow!
With winter weather blanketing Corvallis and the holiday shopping season under way, there is an easy way to help support the Corvallis Environmental Center.  If you ever use Amazon to make online purchases, you can go through this portal and for every dollar you spend, the CEC receives a percentage!

A frosty Hen and Chick succelent in the shed planter boxes
My first preference for shopping is to purchase local products from local stores as that keeps our money circulating in our community. When that doesn't happen though please think about clicking on this link, click the box that is in the lower left hand side of the page (it says "Click here to begin shopping!...") and then continue on shopping. There are no additional costs to you, no logins, and no strings attached and to help the CEC!


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