Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Welcome Spring!

Rhubarb getting ready for the season
Spring has sprung.  The pussywillows are out in full force, daffodils bob happy in the sunshine, there are magically diverse shades of green lighting the landscape and the rivers are flowing full.

Tri Delt sorority sisters
planting peas
This last weekend we took a chance during a work party and planted a few rows of peas at SAGE.  I say "took a chance" because we have quite a collection of slugs out there that enjoy lush spring greenery.   The soil is still rather saturated (especially down low where we have our very own duck pond), but higher up it is somewhat dry. We'll be glad to work the soil soon as the weeds definitely got notice that it is spring and are doing their best to grow strong.

The thistles have awoke!
As the garden starts coming alive after this rough winter, our programming starts to perk up as well.  April 1st will be our first Tuesday night work party from 4 - 6ish in the evening.  From that day on through the end of October, every Tuesday night we'll be hosting a work party where anyone is welcome to pop in when they can and leave when they need to.  We'll be doing all manner of garden tasks as we get the garden ready for spring.

Also starting up is our Complete Organic Gardening Course that occurs throughout April.  If you have not yet signed up, there is still time!  This month-long course teaches you all you need to know to grow your own organic produce.  We'll cover vegetable production, perennials & pruning, edible weeds, integrated pest management, soil health, grafting, seed saving and more!  For more details and to register visit:

Happy Spring!
~ The SAGE Crew


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