Monday, August 25, 2014

August Abundance

August is a magical month in the garden.  For the most part everything is growing well and there is a small (very small) sense of a plateau in the work needing to be done right NOW.  I decided to take a step back and enjoy "now," the present, and not worry about what needs to be done or what didn't get done.  I wanted to share with you a few of the August abundance "presents" out at SAGE.

Sunflower forests for goldfinches galore.  Many people ask me why I plant so many sunflowers and I reply, "I don't.  The birds do."  Right now there are so many happy blossoms, it makes most folks smile and good, real smiles are something I don't think we can have in excess.  

Bicycle trailer for delivering bountiful produce.  Without an abundant amount of support from our wonderful community, we wouldn't be able to accomplish all we do.  Thanks CH2MHill for the new bicycle trailer donation and for the abundance of volunteers who help us grow, harvest and deliver all that food.

Harvests totaling hundreds of pounds. August is always a bit mind-boggling in the staggering amount of organically-raised vegetables our acre of land is growing.

Massive zucchini appearing seemingly overnight. Honesty, what kind of garden post about abundance would this be without a big shout out to the amazing growing abilities of summer squash.  Even if we thoroughly harvest multiple times a week, we still find behemoths lurking among the squash vines, hidden deep in shadow.  While I find it a bit delightful to discover such wonders, it can be a bit more of a challenge to convince everyone else of their greatness.  So in addition to the vast quantity of summer squash produced in August, we find there also needs to be an abundant dose of creativity, and maybe some courage, to keep tackling and utilizing these food items throughout August!